A swarm in July is not worth a fly!
There is an old saying "A swarm in July is not worth a fly"...what does it mean you ask? That when the honeybees swarm in July they do not have enough time to collect all the nectar and pollen to produce any honey and they also won't have enough time to grow their colony to survive the winter. Thus, not being worth any effort. Swarms in May have a superb chance of producing honey and surviving the winter, which prompts the old saying "A swarm in May is worth a load of Hay"! This week we are busy adding boxes to our hives. They have been looking very good except for a few that swarmed and were too far up the Maple trees to retrieve. NEW DEALS for YOU! We have been working around the store stripping out any excess inventory, scratch and dents, and discontinued products to bring you a new tab on our website called, you guessed it "Clearance". We thought who better to bring discounts to than our valued customers. These items are greatly reduced for quick sale and are not returnable. Please check out the tab if you get a chance. Stay Cool! Best regards, Mimi

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