Bee-Slick 3 Formulas-Variety Pack-sold out

Bee-Slick 3 Formulas-Variety Pack-sold out
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Here is a sampling of our moisturizers. Great travel size in our 1 ounce squeeze tubes.

Included are Relax, Balance, and Energize

Who uses it? – Athletes, men and women use it after shaving, use on childrens and babies rashes.

What is it? – It’s an all-natural bee based lubricant.

Why do you want it?-  Because it works!  Chafing is uncomfortable and there’s no sense in being uncomfortable. 

How does it work?  You get blisters by a combination of friction, moisture and heat.  The quickest way to get a blister is to have skin that is wet.  It weakens the skin.  Wet, weak skin leads to chafing, blisters and ripped skin.  Mimi’s Bee Slick does two things:  It coats the skin with natural oils and beeswax preventing excessive water absorption and also provides a natural lubricant.  All from a natural bacteriostatic and fungal static product.  Not only does it lube, but it creates an environment where bacteria and fungus doesn’t grow.



Shane Hagerman- Captain, Team Odyssey/Main Nerve Adventure Racing  

“I’ve used Mimi’s Bee Slick in everything from two hour runs and bike rides to 17 hour non-stop bike rides and four day multi sport non-stop races.  I can attest to the effectiveness of this product.  It is absolutely my go to for my feet and my chamois lube for all of my running and biking. “


Mimi’s Hilltop Apiary is a proud product sponsor for the Odyssey/Main Nerve Adventure Racing Team.  This relationship allowed Mimi to draw on the team’s experience in what works in extreme sport conditions.  Team Odyssey/Main Nerve races in multi-sport events to include: biking, running and paddling for days on end.  Having Mimi as a sponsor has helped the team race more comfortably.  Her products keep them focused on racing instead of being distracted by painful chafing.  If you have blisters on your feet or saddle sores, you are not moving fast.  Mimi's Bee Slick helps eliminate this.  She makes a great product!   

Bee Slick was tested by athletes for thousands of miles before the retail release of this amazing product!  They used it running, biking, hiking, paddling, you name it, Bee Slick truly kept them slick and gave them an advantage.

Net Wt. 1 oz. 



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