Sunlight helps to see inside cells-May 2013 We must inspect frames-May 2013 Frame is ready to explode with new bees-May 2013 Loads of capped brood close to hatching-May 2013 Checking a frame-May 2013 Honeybee Larva (small white curls in cells)-May 2013 Scraping burr comb off inner cover-May 2013 Sugar candy is at the bottom of cage Bee with Pollen- July 2013 Mimi getting ready to go into bee yard-June 2013 Mimi working a hive-May 2013 Mimi scraping burr comb from a frame of bees-May 2013 Checking out the bees-May 2013 smoker is used to calm bees Honeybee on Dandelion Honeybee on Pear Blossom Honeybee on Aster

About Mimi's Hilltop Apiary

Mimi's Hilltop Apiary started in 2010 by Tammy Cressotti. Why did you get into beekeeping people asked? I was leaving the corporate world behind to pursue a different avenue. I watched many bee related documentaries and I knew how important it was to keep the honeybee around. Being that my husband and I have a 15 acre old Apple Orchard that we are trying to re-establish, it seemed like a good pairing to our goals for our homestead. I also had a fear of bees that I wanted to over-come. I worked hard at beekeeping being very cautious at first and slowly built up my skills. I researched how many benefits that the bee products give to all of us through books and the internet. I belonged to a bee club, and they helped open my eyes to what a great hobby I was embarking on. Beekeeping is very hard and very expensive to get going, I soon found out. I started to experiment with making Beeswax and Honey products. I thought if I could sell a few products to the local people it would help me to offset the costs of my beekeeping. I soon became addicted! With every new product came more ideas and challenges. I don't always have success, but when I get people coming back to me and tell me that my products made such a profound difference to their skin ailments, it makes me feel validated and great that I made a difference in such a positive way. Our products have hit the hands of area physicians and are currently selling through their offices. It makes us feel great to provide a natural alternative that is of high quality at reasonable prices. We have expanded our apiaries into West Suffield, Connecticut. Now we are harvesting more delicious raw honey than ever. Please hel us spread the word about honey and our great products and come visit us at our Granville store to say "Hi"!

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