Sunlight helps to see inside cells-May 2013 We must inspect frames-May 2013 Frame is ready to explode with new bees-May 2013 Loads of capped brood close to hatching-May 2013 Checking a frame-May 2013 Honeybee Larva (small white curls in cells)-May 2013 Scraping burr comb off inner cover-May 2013 Sugar candy is at the bottom of cage Bee with Pollen- July 2013 Mimi getting ready to go into bee yard-June 2013 Mimi working a hive-May 2013 Mimi scraping burr comb from a frame of bees-May 2013 Checking out the bees-May 2013 smoker is used to calm bees Honeybee on Dandelion Honeybee on Pear Blossom Honeybee on Aster

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Benefits of Honey

Benefits of Raw Unrefined Shea Butter

What is an Apiary? It is a bee yard. Mimi's Hilltop Apiary is located on top of Prospect Mountain in Granville, Massachusetts and have expanded into the farming town of West Suffield, Connecticut. We have a great variety of food for our bees, including blueberries, apples, pears, asters, clover, golden rod, japenese knotweed, and a variety of beatiful flowers, trees and plants that are blossoming throughout the year. We love to keep bees and make our beeswax products. They are 100% Natural and so good for you!

In these times where many of products are mass produced with chemicals and names of ingredients we don't even know, shipped from where we can't even imagine, we want to bring the best products available with the simplest ingredient list. We don't have a room full of Lab Chemists here. Just beekeepers that know the value of the honey and Beeswax.

We want to bring you affordable products. Let's face it, those big companies have the best containers and packaging, but when it comes down to the content we challenge you to compare our price per ounce of those leading brands. You will be shocked, as were we. Simple, Pure, and Affordable is what we are all about!

Your skin is your largest organ on your body. It soaks in whatever you put on it. At Mimi's we believe you need to feed your skin like you would feed your body. Wouldn't you rather do without chemicals when there are options to naturally make your skin feel softer, smoother and have less wrinkles?

Mimi's Hilltop Apiary - Ingredient FACTS

Beeswax - Cera Alba – The yellow to grayish-brown wax is a natural wax produced by honeybees to build the walls of their honeycomb. It is a thickening agent that has some emollient properties. 100 % Natural Beeswax with it's naturally sweet honey scent, gives our bars hardness and naturally smooths and softens skin.

Coconut Oil - Cocus Nucifera – This oil gives you luxurious lather as you bathe, but it is claimed to possess emollient and healing properties as well. There is much research currently being done on the benefits of Coconut Oil. It is said to make your skin smoother and healthier and that coconut oil helps to remove dead skin cells. It also has many antibacterial and antioxidant benefits and will not make your skin feel greasy. Contains a natural SPF not yet defined.

Grapeseed Oil - Vitis Vinifera - Grapeseed Oil is a green tinted oil that is high in linoleic acid. It adds creaminess and silkiness to soap and is very beneficial for the skin. We use refined, expeller pressed grapeseed oil.

Honey - Honey has been used for centuries in body care. From the Pharaohs to the Kings and Queens, honey preparations were used as humectants, to attract and retain moisture, and as an anti-microbial agent. We only use the finest raw honey in our soap.  The sugar content allows for a rich and abundant lather.

Olive Oil - Olea Europaea – Olive oil has been used for centuries by people all over the world to care for the skin. Chemically, it contains high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E which work together to moisturize, feed and protect the skin. It contains the anti-oxidant beta carotene, which has been known to stimulate new cell growth and when used on the skin slows the development of wrinkles. A powerful antioxidant, hydroxytyrosol, which is only found in olive oil, is also said to provide anti-inflammatory properties which help to heal skin.  Olive Oil is very mild and will not clog your pores.

Palm Oil - Elaeis Guineensis -  This oil is made from the flesh of the fruit of the palm tree and adds longevity and firmness to soap. It is also known as vegetable tallow and is used as a replacement for animal lard and tallow in soaps which are intended to be all vegetable/plant based. Palm Oil is high in Palmitic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Magnesium.

Shea Butter - Butyrospermum Parkii – Shea butter is also known as African Karite Butter which is extracted from the seed of the Shea tree (Vitellaria Paradoxa).  This butter is smooth and creamy and can sometimes be grainy. Shea Butter has shown to be a superb moisturizer, with exceptional healing properties for the skin and hair.  In Africa, shea butter is used for cooking oil, as a water proofing wax, for hairdressing and for candle-making; and also as an ingredient of medicinal ointments.

Sodium Hydroxide - Also known as “Lye”, this is an alkaline which is an important ingredient in the chemical reaction known as saponification, which creates soap when added to oils (acids). Soap cannot be made without using Lye (sodium hydroxide for bar soaps, and potassium hydroxide for liquid soaps). Properly made soap has no leftover lye in it because after the chemical reaction called saponifcation all that is left is soap and glycerin. There is no lye in our soaps, but we do add it in as an ingredient on our label. Mimi cures all of its Cold Process bar soaps completely (4 weeks) to deliver the most gentle and luxurious soap to your bath.


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