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What is an Apiary? It is a bee yard. Mimi's Hilltop Apiary is located on top of Prospect Mountain in Granville, Massachusetts. We are truly a hill town. Wild Blueberries and Apple Orchards, and Maple Sugar Harvesters are the main agricultural industries. Beekeeping is growing and is a great help to our community. We love to keep bees and harvest honey, but a close second is making our Beeswax products. They are 100% Natural and so good for you!

In these times where many of products are mass produced with chemicals and names of ingredients we don't even know, shipped from where we can't even imagine, we want to bring the best products available with the simplest ingredient list. We don't have a room full of Lab Chemists here. Just beekeepers that know the value of the honey and Beeswax.

We want to bring you affordable products. Let's face it, those big companies have the best containers and packaging, but when it comes down to the content we challenge you to compare our price per ounce of those leading brands. You will be shocked, as were we. Simple, Pure, and Affordable is what we are all about!

Your skin is your largest organ on your body. It soaks in whatever you put on it. At Mimi's we believe you need to feed your skin like you would feed your body. Wouldn't you rather do without chemicals when there are options to naturally make your skin feel softer, smoother and have less wrinkles?

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Burn Beeswax Candles-We bet you didn't know how good they are!

When burned, beeswax produces negative ions. Negative ions improve our health by cleaning the air that we breathe. It does this by removing the tiny pollutant particles, and in the process, the quality of air that we breathe improves. The ions improve the circulation of oxygen in our bodies and have been shown to improve our moods. The negative ions emitted during the burning cling to the, odors, pollen or dust particles that are positively charged. This makes the particles heavy, so they drop to the ground. Most of the candles sold nowadays have ingredients that are toxic to our health. Most of the candles are produced to appeal to our senses, yet they are detrimental to our health. An example is the addition of fragrance. Some candles being sold contain fragrances that cover up the unpleasant odors of the products used to make the candles. So when you buy these types of candles, you will be polluting the air that you breathe as opposed to cleaning it. Makers of candles use fragrances to cover up neutral or repulsive odors. Such candles, whether they are made from paraffin or synthetic oils are toxic when burned. Petrochemicals are used to make paraffin wax candles. Petrochemicals are as toxic as car exhaust fumes. They also contain some hardeners, colorings and bleaches that make them look appealing to a buyer, yet they are very harmful to our bodies.  We will be posting our line of beeswax candles soon so check back often! read more
Date Added: 07/04/2014

Say NO to Parabens!

Parabens-WE DON"T USE THEM! What are They? They are chemical preservatives that are found in many personal products. They kill bacteria, both good and bad bacteria, to allow for a longer shelf life. Did you know that your skin needs good bacteria to fight off invaders. Without a defense on your skin you are letting in the bad guys. Beeswax and Honey are naturally antimicrobial-they don't grow bacteria-Give our products a try, your skin will thank you! read more
Date Added: 11/03/2014

What are the bees doing?

They are waiting for the warm weather-Like Us! On the warmer days you will see them peak outside. Maybe they will go for a cleansing flight. You will see your snow around the hive littered with their droppings. Some are at the end of their life and you will see a little pile up of unfortunate ones. The bees are cleaning away debris on the inside of the hive. Get your equipment ready. Plan for any new colonies. Consider feeding when it is warm enough to open your hives. read more
Date Added: 06/03/2014

Cabin Fever? -Try our Soap Making Classes

  read more
Date Added: 07/02/2014

New Soap on a Rope!-Coming Feb 24th

You ask, we listen. Mimi is working hard to bring you some giant size soap on a cotton rope. Great to allow your natural soaps to dry without sitting in a pool of gel. Our bars will be ready Feb 24th and will be available in assorted scents.   read more
Date Added: 25/01/2014

Mimi's Hilltop Apiary

Bee with Pollen- July 2013 Sugar candy is at the bottom of cage Scraping burr comb off inner cover-May 2013 Honeybee Larva (small white curls in cells)-May 2013 Checking a frame-May 2013 Loads of capped brood close to hatching-May 2013 Frame is ready to explode with new bees-May 2013 We must inspect frames-May 2013 Sunlight helps to see inside cells-May 2013 Mimi working a hive-May 2013 Mimi scraping burr comb from a frame of bees-May 2013 Checking out the bees-May 2013 smoker is used to calm bees Mimi getting ready to go into bee yard-June 2013
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